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.Capable of switch electric circuit with load .Capable of quickly releasing stored energy operation .Adaptable to padlock device .Contact position indication .High short-circuit current withstand capacity .High lighted of high making and breaking capacity .Used as main switch for household and similar installation
•Latest plastic panel design, exclusive and attractive appearance as well as the better protection. •Transparent shielding cover protect the machine from dust, moisture, corrosion, make the machine work more reliably in bad working environment. •Protective circuit design give safe operation. •High duty cycle, small size, light weight.
In the solar power system, PV combiner box collects number of PV arrays input and send the output to DC power distribution cabinet/invert.The wiring between the PV arrays and inverter is greatly simplified by the combiner box.To improve the reliability and practicability,KYV-CD combiner box is installed with PV specialized protection device, fuse and circuit breaker for each PV array input.The running states the PV arrays can be conveniently get by the users.

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   NO.136-138,XinGuang Road,XinGuang Industrial Zone, Liushi,Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China  325604 

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