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60KW DC Electric Vehicle Charger

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60KW DC Electric Vehicle Charger
60KW DC Electric Vehicle Charger
60KW DC Electric Vehicle Charger

DC charger for Electric vehicle AIO

1.Outdoor DC Integral Charger Product Introduction

DC charging outdoor machine is integrated power conversion rate conversion, DC output control and customer interface as one of the non-car charger, with IP54 protection level, suitable for outdoor environment. The system supports setting the charging mode, charging mode and setting the charging process parameters and other functions

Applicable models: applicable to all domestic models of electric vehicles.

60KW DC integrated charger -- one machine one charger     

180kw DC integrated charger 

2.Outdoor DC Integral Charger product parameter

Items             60kw          180kw 360kw notes  
Ac input voltage 380v(-20%,+20%) Three-phase five-wire
Ac input frequency 50Hz/60Hz±10%  
Maximum power output 60kw 180kw 360kw 15/30/45/60/120/180/360kw  
Nominal output voltage 450v 750v 450v 750v 450v 750v 450v module 750v module  
Output voltage range 200~500v 200~750v 200~500v 200~750v 200~500v 200~750v 450v module 750v module  
Rated output current 120A 80A 360A 240A 720A 480A 450v module 750v module  
Output current range 0-120A 0-80A 0-360A 0-240A 0-720A 0-280A 450v module 750v module  
Power factor ≧0.99 ≧0.99 ≧0.99 50%-100% Load  
Combined efficiency ≧95% ≧95% ≧95% 50%-100% Load  
THDv ≦5% ≦5% ≦5% 50%-100% Load  
Output voltage error ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%    
Output current error ≧30A,±1%    <30A,±0.3A  
Voltage regulation accuracy ≦0.5% ≦0.5% ≦0.5% Load current 0-100% change  
Current regulation accuracy ≦1% ≦1% ≦1% Output rated current at 20%-100%  
Peak output ripple coefficient ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% Load current 0-100% change,Input voltage change in 85%-115%  
Load regulation ≦1% ≦1% ≦1%    
Current imbalance ≦3% ≦3% ≦3%    
Inrush starting current ≦110% of input current ≦110% of input current ≦110% of input current    
Auxiliary power supply Voltage 12V,Current 20A,Ripple coefficient<1% 24v
Dimensions 600*600*1600 650*500*2200 700*900*2200 1400*900*2200 1800*700*2200 W*D*H  
Protection level Ip54

3.Outdoor DC integrated charger product features

180KW DC Electric Vehicle Charger