Electrical exhibition, we are on the road

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Just last week, the Hannover Electric Fair in Germany just ended. Wenzhou Keyu Electric Co., Ltd. actively participated in various domestic and international exhibitions in line with the "exhibition + Internet" two-line layout. At this exhibition, we brought the latest type of combiner box, miniature circuit breaker and low-voltage electrical accessory products. We have 17 years of manufacturing experience and have obtained well-known certifications at home and abroad, such as: ccc, CE, ul, tuv, etc. At the exhibition, the customer's approval was 

obtained, and the transaction rate on the spot increased year by year. According to incomplete statistics, in the past month of the last Dubai exhibition, our online transaction amount has made a new breakthrough compared with last year, which proves the trust of international customers in our products. We also look forward to more guests at Hannover, we will agree with you, and we sincerely welcome you to contact us.

On April 15th, we will have another exhibition hall in the Canton Fair. This time, in addition to the low-voltage electrical products company, we have launched our latest research on smart home and new energy charging pile products. In the new energy is the new direction, intelligent is the new future concept. We bring sincerity this time, I hope everyone can come to watch our latest products.