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KAYAL executives insist on learning and strive to make better achievements

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The world is changing every day, and social competition is getting worse. The uncertainty of the market brings many opportunities and contradictions to the enterprise. Only through continuous exploration and learning can the enterprise develop steadily.

In order to learn from marketing and management experience in excellent enterprises, from February 27th to 28th, kayal Chairman Cheng Pin led the company's department heads, and visited Hangzhou Fujie Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Taotao Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Fulai Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Ningbo Weifeng Fastener Co., Ltd., Popu Electric Co., Ltd.。and the leaders of these enterprises Conduct face-to-face communication, discuss the current development status of the enterprise and the development trend of the industry, and put forward constructive opinions. This is very important for how to secure the company's direction on the existing basis. Only by fully understanding the way others operate, and listening to the opinions of others, can we usher in a breakthrough development.

It is precisely because of the full help of these excellent enterprises that we have put forward constructive opinions on optimizing the corporate structure, and according to the actual situation of our company, we have analyzed some successful cases with strong feasibility. Our 19-year administrative work has provided a number of clear ideas. In terms of sales, they told us how their companies have accurately positioned their products and consumers over the years, so that they are highly competitive in homogenization. The market stands out, giving us a deeper understanding of how to use market rules and increase the number and stickiness of target audiences. For companies with vision and consensus, we hope that we can make full use of advantages and specialization in their respective fields and innovate cooperation and win-win. The visit to this trip basically achieved the expected results.

The road to enterprise development cannot be smooth sailing. It always spirals forward in twists and turns, and is attached to many factors such as time and form. In the actual production work, the company can achieve certain results, and there are also many places for improvement. It is necessary to maintain a modest and cautious attitude in the operation and management of enterprises, such as the battlefield. At the same time, enterprises must continue to learn and make continuous progress. Only in this way can enterprises be invincible.


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